The future of dentistry

Some remarkable technological advances have helped to bring solutions to many difficult dental problems.

Our​‘at-home’ technology means you can reduce the number of face to face appointments, without compromising your final treatment outcome. 

Our digital systems, from digital x‑ray imaging through to CAD-CAM manufacturing processes, bring increased quality, precision and speed to every aspect of your treatment.

And messy, uncomfortable impressions are a thing of the past with our iTero intraoral scanner.

Virtual solutions

Advanced apps such as SmileMate™ combine advanced Artificial Intelligence with the convenience of your smartphone to connect us through virtual consultations. 

Review your treatment plan from the comfort of your home or contact us to find out about your treatment options. New levels of connectivity mean more choice, and more access to the best treatment solutions.

Cutting-edge technology

Using Artificial Intelligence, the Dental Monitoring app allows us to track the progress of your Invisalign treatment from the comfort of your own home. You simply scan your smile each week and the images are uploaded and analysed. 

We can review and ensure your treatment is progressing as it should be, providing total peace of mind that your treatment is on track with no unnecessary trips to the practice.

Your smile in digital 3D

See what your new smile could look like in digital 3D before you start treatment. 

A simple scan and see gives you fast results you can view instantly. Book a free consultation to see your digital smile simulation. 

How much does it cost?

Our treatment prices vary depending on your requirements. For a better indication of pricing we would recommend you speak with one of our treatment coordinators or clinicians.