Creating your perfect smile

A smile makeover is no longer something reserved for celebrities: you too can boost your confidence and self-esteem just by improving your smile. 

Create your new smile with Invisalign – the world-leading clear braces technology. Whiten your teeth safely and with minimal effort. Or, rebuild your smile with the most advanced composites or ceramics using crowns, veneers, bridges and implants.

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A smile makeover

Improving your smile can transform your entire appearance. Our full smile makeover treatments range from white fillings, crowns and veneers, to cosmetic treatments such as teeth straightening and whitening.

At Space Healthcare, we’ll tailor treatments to you and your needs. Using the latest technology, modern ceramics and some of the UK’s best dental laboratory technicians, we can create the smile you’ve always wanted but never thought you’d achieve.

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Regain your perfect smile with dental implants!

Implants are long-term solutions to missing teeth that can look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. 

Implants give you the confidence to smile, eat, and socialise without worry – whether it’s a single tooth replacement or a complete smile!

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Create the smile everybody wants! Ceramics that look beautifully natural, that won’t stain or discolour, and can close gaps or treat badly discoloured teeth. We can completely transform your smile, giving you the confidence to smile without a second thought.

Bonding start2 Bonding end3


Sometimes there’s a simple solution to smile imperfections. Have you got gaps between teeth? Short or small teeth? Damaged or discoloured teeth? Dental bonding, using tooth-coloured resins, can often transform teeth quickly and painlessly.

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Our in-depth consultation gives the opportunity to review all your treatment options and your current oral health. It’s the ideal way to plan your perfect healthy smile.

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